Going To Waikiki On A Budget? 5 Cheap Hotels in Waikiki

Cheap hotels in Waikiki - BalconyFinding cheap hotels in Waikiki is an incredible way of enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer while saving a great deal of money. Travelling has heavy implications on many budgets, but if you want to have extra cash for other activities, or to offset some bills, finding cheap hotels in Waikiki will help you achieve that. Waikiki is a famous tourist destination that enjoys a lion’s share of tourists all year round. While some major cities will struggle to accommodate such huge numbers, Waikiki provides a variety of flexible accommodation options, with both luxury and inexpensive hotel packages to fit everyone. Below is a list of inexpensive hotels you can stay at while in Waikiki.

Waikiki Circle Hotel

Waikiki Circle HotelIf you are looking for cheap hotels in Waikiki, the Waikiki Circle Hotel should be at the top of your list. What is the saying about real estate? Location, location, location. This is a very basic, clean hotel that is situated directly across the street from one of the nicest areas of Waikiki Beach. We have stayed here numerous times and always have a great time. It is geared more towards the younger surfing crowd, but people of all ages stay here. Check out our review for more information about this perfect little hotel.

Maile Sky Court Hotel

Maile Sky Court 2To have a real Budget Hotel experience in Waikiki, make sure to check in at the Maile Sky Court Hotel. Maile Sky Court Hotel is a cheap 2-star hotel located just 0.9Km from Honolulu, Waikiki’s CPD (central partying district). With as low as $96 per night, Maile Sky Court Hotel is one of the cheapest hotels in Waikiki. The hotel is close to many landmarks and attractions such as Magic Island, the Waikiki Station, Ala Moana Station, and famous Waikiki Beach awaiting only 0.5 km away.

While at Maile Sky Court Hotel, you can spend time shopping and taking advantage of great deals in the nearby Ala Moana Shopping Center. Like many other cheap hotels in Waikiki, Maile Sky Court Hotel provides delicious Hawaiian cuisine, and an excellent restaurant with a fully stocked bar. To keep your holiday going, the hotel also provides concierge, a business center, a coffee shop, and a swimming pool among other facilities. When you have had enough outdoor activity, you can always relax indoors and catch your favourite show via satellite or cable. The hotel can comfortably accommodate guests in 560 cosy rooms, but delay not in booking your room to avoid disappointments.

Park Shore Waikiki Hotel (Ocean View)

Park Shore WaikikiThe Park Shore Hotel is a cheap 3-star hotel in Waikiki that gives travellers a real Beach Hotel experience. The hotel is only 2 km from Honolulu and 10 km from the Honolulu (HNL) Airport. Nearby landmarks and sites of interest include  Magic Island, Waikiki Station, and Ala Moana Station. While at the Park Shore Hotel, you can add some variety to your Waikiki stay by golfing at the nearby Ala Wai golf course, jogging at Honolulu stadium, catching latest games at Aloha stadium or visiting Battery Randolph Army Museum. If you’re tired of Waikiki beach and the hotel pool, you can also take up your camera and visit the nearby Honolulu Zoo. With rooms starting at $103 per night, Park Shore is one of the cheapest hotels in Waikiki providing a comfortable stay.

Miramar Hotel

Miramar HotelYou will have a splendid Hawaiian holiday staying at the Miramar At Waikiki Hotel. Just like most inexpensive hotels in Waikiki, Miramar At Waikiki has a business center that can cater to your business needs. It is a 3-Star hotel located only 1 km from the Waikiki City Center (Honolulu). The Honolulu Airport is only 10 km away from the hotel. At the Miramar At Waikiki Hotel, you will be staying in proximity to attraction sites such as Magic Island and the Ala Moana Station. Enjoy your holidays at Miramar and take advantage of the tour desk, laundry and bathtub services. There is an excellent restaurant with a well-serviced bar. Of the many cheap hotels in Waikiki, Miramar at Waikiki is probably the only hotel that provides a state-of-the-art gym and fitness center. At the end of the day, you can always unwind with satellite or cable television service. Rooms start at $120 per night.

Aqua Waikiki Wave Hotel

Aqua Waikiki WaveAqua Waikiki Wave is a 3-Star hotel located a walking distance from Waikiki’s city center, Honolulu. It is a phenomenal place to spend your Waikiki vacation. While at Aqua Waikiki Wave Hotel, take time to visit nearby landmarks such as the Waikiki Station and Magic Island. If outdoor activities tickle your fancy and you happen to stay at Aqua, you can always spend your time teeing off on the lush green Ala Wai golf course. The Honolulu Airport is only 9 km away from the hotel. While at the hotel, make it a point to use the excellent restaurant, bathtub and laundry services. A remarkable night spent at this excellent hotel will set you back only $124.

As is custom, Luxury hotel packages in Waikiki come at a higher price tag because like any other place, travellers are pampered through and through. On the other hand, cheap hotels in Waikiki can also provide a relaxed and comfortable stay. You can expect a little VIP treatment as is with the luxury hotels in some cheap hotels, but do not have your expectations too high. In addition, most cheap hotels in Waikiki have high business ratings due to high quality service delivery. To conclude, these are just a few among the many cheap hotels in Waikiki; shop around online and compare prices to get the best deals.

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  1. Jesse says:

    We have stayed at the Waikiki Circle Hotel a few times and love it. Would definitely go back.

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